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The Truth... On December 18th I will turn 51 years old young.

The Dare... To celebrate, I've come up with 3 crazy stunts. Contribute $10 to vote for the Dare you want me to do!

The Reason... To help find a cure for CMT (and have a laugh at my expense)!

Final total: 2126

POP 'Til You Drop

Elizabeth covered with balloons
Votes: 776

I'll pin 51 balloons on me in "Roaring 20s" burlesque fashion, and I'll carry a fan made of 51 CMT brochures. I'll then travel to my local downtown and challenge passers by to pop a balloon and take a brochure. I won't come home until all 51 balloons are popped and 51 more people know about CMT.

Of course, an entire video of this adventure will be posted on YouTube for you all to see. What will I be wearing under the balloons you ask? Vote to find out!

Elizabeth gives a video sneak peek!

51 Shades of Blue & Yellow

Elizabeth with yellow and blue hair
Votes: 336

I'll color my hair with blue and yellow streaks. Yikes! These are the CMTA colors, but still, my hair! I'll publicly wear my new CMTA hairdo for 51 days. 51 days!

Of course photos and YouTube videos will be posted!

CMTA Staffer Jeana Sweeney Tells You Why You Should Vote for 51 Shades of Blue and Yellow

Don't Open 'Til Christmas

Elizabeth with her mouth duct taped shut
Votes: 1014

I'll take a vow of silence for 51 hours. Not a single word will pass these lips. Given that I have never lasted longer than 51 seconds this is actually the most daring of all dares.

My husband Gilles may be inclined to push this one over the top if he sees it getting close. Vegas odds makers are already taking bets on whether this is even possible.

Vote to find out!


Elizabeth's Son's Video Plea to Vote for Silence


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